St. Petersburg Open Championship

Kingwinch Winter Challenge 2019

The winter open wakeboarding championship of St. Petersburg #KingwinchWinterChallenge2019 will be held in the “Kingwinch MSG” wake pool on 24th February. 


The championship is included in the official sports events calendar of St. Petersburg (disposal of KFK IP dated 12/14/2018 No. 591) and is held under the auspices of the IWWF, which means that all winners will receive national rating points. The prize fund will be 200 000 rubles - a record amount for wakeboard competitions in the pool.

Viewers expect performances of the strongest athletes of the country and neighboring countries. Runs will go on the two parallel tracks in the men's and women's standings. Beginners will be able to try their hand at the Amateurs category regardless of the riding experience.

Awarding athletes will be held in the new KOD area. A free shuttle bus service on the route Novoizmaylovsky Ave, 16, k.6 - st. Komsomol, 2 will operate for all participants and spectators. 

* Entry is free, but registration is required: vk.cc/91m7NR

Riders registration: vk.cc/7EgOET


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